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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Ida is a cat. 2!

Okay, I think this storm is coming out of hand. Where it is now, most people predicted only 50 mph winds, but it is doubled that! With that, WAHA is predicting Ida to stay in the gulf of Mexico for three more days, until the front right next to it will sweep it across Florida. As it does, it will become extratropical. With that being said, get in mind that this is a slow storm. Starting from the southwestern caribbean, it took five days to get where it is now.

As it was crossing Nicaragua and Honduras, some of its clouds traversed eastsoutheastward into El Salvador. This caused major flooding there, and as many as 54 people are dead. If there's 54 there alone, plus those lost in other countries, plus the USA landfall to come, I wouldn't be surprised if Ida is a retired name by spring.

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