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Monday, June 30, 2008

This wave looks suspicious

I downloaded a picture from Noaa's RGB loop. as you can see right next to their symbol, there is a tropical wave that is just waiting to be noticed. This tropical wave is in favorable conditions for tropical development. This wave is expected to try to turn into td2, maybe it will, maybe it will not. If it does develop into an invest,
I give the wave a 70% chance of maximum sustained winds depression strength, 24% chance tropical storm strength, 5% chance of sustained winds at hurricane strength, catgory 1, and category two or higher 1% chance.
This won't fail to develop. The tropical wave is in such favorable conditions.

Two hurricanes of the week

Wilma and Alpha
Wilma may have killeda lot of people, but Wilma also prevented another storm hitting the USA.
If it wasn't for Wilma, alpha would have strengthened big.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The atlantic is quiet.

It is June 18, 2008, and not one tropical storm has brewed in the tropics for weeks since June 2nd. However, there is a tropical wave that is likely to become a tropical storm. Waha predicts that wave to become a tropical storm eventually, but no tropical depression formation in the next 24 hours.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The hurricane of the week

Super Hurricane Ioke and Super Typhoon Ioke
Category 5
This storm was both a hurricane and a typhoon, I'm not talking about two storms.
Anyway, this storm tore apart wake islands, and masticated the Johnson atoll.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

The hurricane of the week

Hurricane Karen, 2007

This storm was threatening the virgin islands, with karen in it's path. Thankfully, this hurricane got masticated by wind shear and didn't hinder any weather patterns. had it kept it's strength hurricane Karen would have been Hurricane Noel, which caused more killings than Super Hurricane Katrina.

I'm back, and didn't miss anything.

The tropics have been relativaley quiet during my vacation to new york. I'm suprised I didn't miss any tropical activity, but I've been a viewer of the Weather channel and found but a single spinning subtropical wave that impacted Florida in Miamidade county, which didn't have a chance to see the vast North Atlantic ocean, even though the eastern seaboard was containing warm water and little shearing winds to completely masticate the storm.

Anyway, here's a live picture of the atlantic. There are but at least three waves. One wave is out into the central Atlantic, another near the Cape Verde islands, and the last one is making heavy rains to Puertoricco, The Dominican Republic, and Haiti. Only one of these waves are expected to strengthen into an invest and possibly a tropical depression one.(Arthur went from invest 90L straight to tropical storm strengh, without being a tropical depression.)

Thursday, June 5, 2008

No storms anywhere on this earth

Now that 91L is gone, there will be no updates here. Waha will rest until a storm has formed. I will hopefully not miss any storms to track in the atlantic friday.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Staying here

91L just won't leave it's current spot. 91 is just staying there, living, despite the coldblodded wind shear, over 30 knots in the carribean and rising.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

The 91

This imagery shows 91L almost taking landfall in mexico. What I predict is that 90L will continue moving into mexico, and strengthen to td2, and maybe, Bertha. It could be another storm's name, because out in the mid atlantic, I have frequently seen tropical waves, even in the off season. By the way, storm or no storm in the Atlantic, this will become at least tropical storm status.

Monday, June 2, 2008

another change

You can also use

Waha will still give you the tropical update you have come to expect, but we will now put in a loop posted on this website from Noaa. This loop will give you imformation on the tropics

The tropics in the atlantic are not as quiet as it used to be, when it was off season. I got a water vapor image from noaa, showing arthur's remnants and the rest of the west Atlantic ocean. I have noticed Arthur has completeley dissipated over the yucatan peninsula. the remnants of Arthur happened to form another storm, named 91L, which got it's name because of 90L already happening. But, eventually, an invest will have the number 90 again.

Anyway, 90L is expected to move northward into the gulf of Mexico. This storm is likely to form Bertha, the next storm "up for the bat." This Invest is already at 30 miles per hour, which depression strength is 30mph to 38 mph. But some meteorologist such as myself say it is easy to keep the storm's wind speed, or any other storm for that matter when the windspeed is rounded to the nearest 5 mph. It barely makes a difference, and it's like halfs, you know, the kind of stuff you learn in first grade. However, some meteorologists go with the real wind speed to avoid confusion.

This invest will continue to move northward, and cross Mexico, to become tropical depression two, and eventually, due to the warm water, Bertha. But for now, you mexicans better prepare for this storm coming. I hope you are, you better be, hurricane season is now. To those of you mexican people who don't know english, (HURACAN is spanish,) please translate it. you can find out easily how to translate on

By the way, Waha gets these images from

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Noaa lying?

I took Noaa's picture of Tropical depression Arthur, zapped it, and restored the label so that you know this is from Noaa.
This zapped shortwave is shocking to me. They really think Arthur is still overland?! HA! That can't be true! Noaa is probably tracking Arthur's arm. They don't see the mass of Arthur spinning off the coast of the Yucatan peninsula. That is where the real storm is. Staying still, huh?

The hurricane of the week

Super Hurricane Allen
the strongest atlantic basin hurricane ever recorded
Recorded winds of up to 190 mph, Allen is a mothercrapper.
Tropical storm arthur will dissipate in the next couple of days. Happy June 1st!