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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Kyle and upper level low one

Tropical storm Kyle has formed, with the extratropical storm on it's way. Kyle will just move north, whereas the extratropical storm will landfall into Myrtle beach.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Ike threatens Texas

Ike considerably strong

Hurricane Ike has a new target: Galveston. It's expected to hit there as a cat. 3. That will be in two and a half days.


Points are 6 hrs apart.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Waha has only put in a 3 day forecast this time.

Ike has made it to the Gulf of Mexico

Hurricane Ike has been beatened down to a category one hurricane because Ike crossed Cuba, one point to another. I'm predicting maybe 550 deaths ffrom that storm. That's enough to make it's name retired, right? If so, Ike will be the only storm to have ever had one name with one storm only. I don't know if other storms did it or not, and I really don't care, except for the fact all those people got killed, but Ike will do that. I know this because Ike will landfall into Louisiana but hopefully will not break the dam from falling over. If it does, Louisiana is basically a time bomb with a city on it.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Ike has moved out to sea

Look to the map above to see where Ike is going.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Ike still moving on; Josephine struggling

Ike is going over cuba, still a hurricane, and Josepine is struggling to put itself together
Actually, Josephine is recognized as a tropical wave, that might form Kyle in the "Bahantic
sea" as I call it, meaning the area around the Bahamas is going to have favorable conditions to form Kyle.

Ike is still weakening

Today, for the five oclock update, the NOAA picture I'm using is only the Gulf of Mexico, since Ike is shown in the picture. Remember, the points are six hours apart.

ike takes landfall; something forming in atlantic

Hurricane Ike is now down to a cat. 2, and now I think it will landfall into Texas. However, there is another system right behind Ike. Wasn.t that system the same one I saw yesterday? Anyway, if this becomes Kyle, it will landfall into North Carolina.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Ike almost at landfall

Major Hurricane ike is starting to take landfall into cuba, with winds up to 120 mph. After about 36 hours over land, Ike is absolutley to loose strength by a mile. After being bullied down to a weak hurricane or a strong tropical storm, Ike will strengthen to a strong cat. 3 or a weak cat 4.
Then, Ike will take landfall into Mississippi as a cat. 2. Well, just because I say it will hit into Mississippi doesn.t nessecarilly mean that only mississippians should leave. In fact, if Ike landfalls into Mississippi, most of the wind will go into Alabama because the winds of a hurricane always goes fastest 90 degrees clockwise of the direction of travel. However, Ike possibly won't do that, but I know it will landfall into that area as a category 2, no higher and no lower.

Ike has weakened

Ike has weakened a little bit, and will continue to weaken today. As Ike is still raging towards Cuba, it's already starting to take an impact on land. Today, Ike has already took a direct hit into one of the Bahama islands. In nine hours or so, Ike will be over land in Cuba. That will stay there over cuba until 36 hours from landfall when Ike heads off into the Gulf of Mexico, and then strengthen from a category one hurricane to a category four hurricane. It will not strengthen over that category, because of the windshear building up in one spot of the Gulf o' Mexico. I predict this storm will take landfall into Mississippi, as a category two, actualy, who knows? I just know it will take landfall as a category two. For more imfromation on the maps, just see last prediction.

Ike continues on; Josephine strengthening

As Ike rools to the island of Cuba,
it will weaken a bunch of strength. But I don't think Ike will go into Tampa anymore. Now, I think Ike is going to landfall into the Talahassee area, with winds of up to 150 mph. Then, Ike will go into the midatlantic reigon of the united states as it dissipates.
As with Josephine, that storm is not gonna strengthen that much higher, as it ttrevels in high windshear. Tropical depression Josephine is still a depression, but about 3 days, 4 days top, from now, Josephine will strengthen to a tropical storm. The picture shows the five day forecast, you can look at that for more info. You can also get reliable forecasts at

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Extra sorry!

You may have heard that Waha has shut down for months because we moved. Whille I quitted, nothing stopped me from posting, and soon I thought, "What the crap am I doing?"

That made me loose so many vievs that there's a good chance you're the only one reading this entry right now, and I felt sad that all those people died because of all these storms coming.

But that was only the beginning. There are so many storms in the atlantic in September and October that Waha deleted the post saying I quit, and now I'm back and Better than ever. Now that I have my own laptop that runs so fast even with Trackmania on it (no offense, in fact that's my favourite computer game).

I'm warned about What's to come in the Atlantic. In fact, I'm so worried, That I'm now doing a 7 oclock advisory, a noon advisory(only shown on saturday), a 5 oclock advisory, and a 9 oclock advisory. Sometimes I'll do more than that.

Anyway, Ike is charging through the atlantic ocean to the WSW at a blistering pace.

Hanna, in he meantime, has finished landfall. Hanna won't do anything more serious as it weakens rapidly. However, Ike is forecast to do Quite a bit of damage over the next couple of days, but as it does so, it will weaken sharply down to a category two hurricane, but as it moves out of that area, Ike will strengthen a humongus amount; a category four hurricane (again).

Anyway, as it moves through the gulf of Mexico, it will encounter an incoming front off the coast of the Florida panhandle, that is slowly moving east. That will hopefully not, but forecast to do so anyway, make a direct hit into Tampa, Florida. That did happen with Tampa only once, the city has been pretty lucky over the past double century. Anyway, as Ike will continue to move over land and either weaken or strengthen, I don't know, I did see a hurricane strengthen over the florida peninsula. That happened in 2005 when Wilma absoluley turned Naples, Florida, into bomb remnants. I feel so sad for those victims.

As Ike becomes Extratropical, it won't do any damage, period, to any other land areas. Maybe Bermuda, but not that much. That's all I have for today. Oh yeah, one more thing, on the map every dot is six hours apart.