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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Oh, crap! I missed Cristobal AND Dolly!

We are realy sorry. One, for missing Cristobal, and another missing Dolly! Well, anyway, probably not anyone got killed from Cristobal, and as only a category two storm was Dolly, maybe only killed One if really deprepared for it. Anyway, I was on vacation and the vacation happened to be over two storms.

I have some bad news. In Midaugust, Waha is shutting down for a bit if Disney hotels don't have Internet. But starting Saturday night, I think lasting ten days, I will have no bed and do you know what that means?..........(you don't, do you?) That means updates at 1200 midnight!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Bertha goes east

Now, Tropical storm Bertha recurved again, and Wab4E6T5, I mean, Waha,(sorry my kitten stepped on the keyboard) is knowing this storm is faraway from land and going faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar away from land and weakening! Yay! I tracked a storm that was a category three and didnot affect land except Bermuda that was hit firmly!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Bertha recurving

Here are the paths Tropical storm Bertha. The most accurate path Bertha will take is the Black one. The dots are the 24 hour marks.

Bertha has dust in her eyes

A dust storm has got Bertha right in the eye! Anyway, this tropical storm has stayed stationary all day and all of the night. This storm recurved VERY SHARPLY as a result. I think Bertha is just turning around to make a recurve towards Bermuda. That is possible. Anyway, this storm I think is safe to say this storm is an Emmi eyed storm. There's a huge eye, it's staying stationary, the majority of the clouds are pointing (barely) to the north, and the opposite side of the storm is desolving. This storm is rather tilted for an Emmi eyed storm, but it is an emmi eyed storm.

The hurricane of the week

Hurricane Epsilon
This is the other Emmi eyed storm I know.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Bertha slowly moves closer to Bermuda

Now that Hurricane Bertha has it's eyewall replacement cycle finished, it can strengthen again. By the way, sorry for the long update wait.
One more thing, a front is coming towards Bertha, so don't worry about Bertha affecting any land areas with storms if you live on the east coast. If you live in bermuda, however, Waha is issuing a Hurricane Bertha watch for your area, until twelve hours later, when the watch will turn into a warning.
Also, this is seriously bad for Bermuda since it is a small island. Hurricanes don't usually strengthen over small islands. Anyway, the front that is coming will turn Hurricane Bertha into what I call an "Emmi Eyed" hurricane.
Emmi eyed hurricanes often have a large eye with the radius of the eye being 100 mi. or more, which is like a subtropical storm. They move northeast or hardly any movement at all. An Emmi eyed storm also dissipates in about a day or two, or lose their Emmi characteristics. They have a big, thick line of clouds to the north or south depending on the hemisphere that they're in. Those types of storms tend to loose their south side if they're in the North hemisphere. As for the south hemisphere, it's the other way around.
One example of an Emmi eyed storm would be Hurricane Wilma, after it took landfall in the Yucatan peninsula. Wilma still ad it's Emmi eye when it landfell in Florida. Now, you may think there are a lot of these Emmi eyed storms. You're wrong. I've only ever seen Four; Wilma, Ioke, and Soulik. I didn't include the last one, but that one will be the Hurricane of the week.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Bertha strengthens

Bertha jumped: 1 to 3 to 2 to 1 to 2.

It will strengthen, and since it has passed through the jet stream, it will recurve towards North Carolina. It already started :-(.

Even though it has It's strength as a category 2, that doesn't mean it will stay like that. Bertha will strengthen.

:-( :-(

Look on the brightside! This storm is not going to have a big chance to have landfall. That's because the jet stream is inland. However, it is moving up.

Fortunatley, the jet stream is moving very slowly! That is the good news. now let's look how it did in dry air.

Look at Bertha now! Even though it's still in dry air, Hurricane Bertha is still going strong in the Atlantic. As you can see in the picture, if Bertha does make a sharp recurve to the west, then it will encounter an atmospheric eddy of which is between Florida and Bertha. The bad part about that; If it does do that, then there's a good chance there will be no update for anytime next week, as the power would go out. However that probably won't happen. Ya see, the eddy is moving upward slowly toward North Carolina! And so is Bertha!
Waha is setting advisories on Hurricane Bertha for the North Carolinian coast. Bertha might transform into a weak category four hurricane or a strong category three hurricane 12 hrs before landfall.
That is our advisory on Hurricane Bertha. We will keep you online. another update is after eleven o clock. Stay tuned!
Oh yeah, and by the way, that front that was near Bertha, hasn't done damage at all. In fact, I think that cold front connected to the low pressure system actually helped Bertha strengthen by giving it tropical moisture to help Bertha go through that inferno of dry air.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Bertha is now at 120 mph

Major hurricane Bertha is now blowing at top speeds of 120 mph. This major hurricane is probably not affecting landfall anytime soon. But as it goes up into less wind shear, Bertha will possibly grow to the larger side of the scale, causing Bertha to affect land areas, but since a front is going off of the USA, there's more chance of winning the lottery. The incoming low pressure system will probably be a match for Bertha, as Bertha's pressure is going up. That will probably throw some meteorologists offguard, but I will keep you started. There's gonna be a battle, if that's what the low pressure system wants! It's Bertha versus Low.
Who will win? Who will be sent down the river? If Bertha wins, will it still be Extratropical? If Low wins, will there be another perfect storm? will they both loose, and become one big spin? Tungsten? Why did I ask the question about Tungsten?
Find out, by reading my blog as Waha tracks these two storms. I'll make the updates on these storms, for you to read so that you're out of harm's way!

Monday, July 7, 2008

The hurricane of the week

Hurricane Bertha!

Rock you like the year's first hurricane!

Tropical storm bertha is no more! Bertha has strengthened into a hurricane! Unfortunatley, this hurricane will do damage to Bermuda.
It is so hard to find out what the hurricane of the week is. But now, I see a hurricane in my face! So the hurricane of the week is . . .
(scroll up)

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Bertha Has formed, with windshear low

Ten and under knots of wind shear is very favorable for Bertha to encounter. Luckilly for us that's just not gonna happen when it goes into the subtropical jet stream. But so far, it's in favorable conditions for tropical development.

tropical Depression TWO?!

I was exactly right. This didn't fail to develop. TD TWO will soon become Tropical storm Bertha.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

banks are officially trying to confuse us this season

Invest 92L has formed. With winds at 30 mph, why can't it be named TD2?

Invest 92 is expected toform into a tropical depression. There's a 70% chance it will ever.