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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

CBS4 is weakening

After four days, cbs4 is weakening because of 2 factors:

1. There is two eyes of the storm. They are merging, but very slowly merging while doing so.

2. This is something called the rainfall effect. Storms typically have very cold rainfall. As tropical systems use up the evaporating warm water needed for tropical development, they rainfall colder water. Storms can't exist off of this water, and, if staying still, they weaken or stay the same strengh. This is why hurricanes can't go over a certain speed limit in wind speed.

As the storm gets it's lower level eye and it's upper level eye merged, it's OCOC (overall center of circulation) will start to expand, and lets consider the trades are eventually going to move to unused warm water, and by then, there is a forty percent chance it will turn into a tropical storm. If it does so, it will be named "Ana".

It has dropped in air pressure from 1008 to 1006.

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