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Sunday, May 3, 2009

This will shock you; Could-be-ana/andres!

Holy crap!!!
This souns obsurd at this time of year, but here? AGAIN?! (This happened with 2008's Alma.) Seriously, this is a strange decade. Can the 00's get any... well here's the forecast.
cbs (could be storm) 1 has a sixty percent chance of fizzling off, a 30% chance of turning into Andres, a 9% chance of turning into Ana, and a tracing 1% it will be both, which happened last year. I will be SHOCKED if history repeats itself.
However, if it does develop into anything serious, well i'll do it reguardless if it does, actually, I'll have another post by nine tonight. This is Waha, signing off.

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