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Thursday, July 22, 2010


This image of Tropical Storm Bonnie (lower right) is an image from cimss, which I used for Google Earth.

A lot of models forecast for no landfall in Florida. I respectfully disagree, saying that Bonnie will landfall in Miami in ten hours or so. By 36 hours, Bonnie emerges, but only for another thirty six hours, calling for a maximum strength of just 55 miles per hour, a rather weak tropical storm.

Bonnie might test to see just how quick Deepwater Horizons can prepare. I personally hope that it doesn't get too hard, because it may very likely screw up the temporary fix in the hole, sending the Earth bleeding again.

I do think that because of the screwed oil rig, this season might be the most deadly long-term effective in Atlantic history. Just the third named storm (the first two Abrew (90SL) and Alex) is threatening BP.

Bonnie, though only having <5%>

Noone knows for sure. But if Bonnie really is gonna pick the world up and gonna drop it on BP's head, BP needs to put their helmet on. (Not literally.)

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