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Thursday, July 8, 2010

TD Two will (most likely) not be Bonnie

Good afternoon. As we speak, Tropical Depression Two is taking landfall in Mexico at the same dang place that Alex landfalled. Will that area ever get a break?
Since this storm is now overland, it is very likely that it won't strengthen, but just to let you know that it might. There were two storms in the past three years that strengthened overland. I didn't cover either of them, but nonetheless both are shocking. In fact, they were both strongest overland; Erika of 2007 (landfalled with windspeeds of 40 mph, but three days after that it had winds over 65 mph over Oklahoma), and Fay of 2008 (landfalled with 50 mph but it strengthened to 65 mph just northwest of Lake Okeechobee). So don't say that it can't strengthen to a tropical storm.

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