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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Alma expected to turn atlantic

Tropical storm Alma won't recurve that much. But, there is a chance of the 2008 hurricane season:
  • Starting with Alma not Arthur
  • Having an off season storm
  • The first ever season to have it's first storm form in the pacific
  • There is an eighty percent chance Alma will set records by traveling into the Atlantic, and a twenty percent chance Alma won't do that.

    As Alma makes her second landfall at 63 mph, major flooding is happening in the Central Americas. Alma will continue to do that until approaching the North Carribean sea, Landfalling a third time into Belize, all promptly before reaching the Gulf of Mexico, rapidly strengthening to a minimal hurricane. And then the grand finale landfall, marking Alma's fourth landfall (since being an unorganized wave in Panama,) in Central Mexico, just barely reaching Mexico City, Mexico. All of that is going to happen in the next three short days. But for now, Alma is taking landfall in Central America.

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