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Thursday, May 29, 2008


Alma has formed!
Wind speed 40 mph
I predict that alma will arrive shortly to land. After the landfall, I will predict Alma traveling into the North Carribean sea and rapidly intensifying. Alma will strengthen overland, mysteriously. Some storms do that, such as Olga of 2007, and Wilma of 2005. That's because at those times, those storms were undergoing an eyewall replacement cycle. That's just what is happening with Tropical storm Alma. If this storm travels into the Atlantic, the 2008 hurricane season will actually start with Alma instead of Arthur!
There is Major flooding in Costa Rica , even though Alma has already hit that place!
(by the way, Invest 90 is no more, just as the opposite of what i swore, but at least those storms were twins,)

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