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Saturday, May 31, 2008


Waha is now officiallly recognizing 90 as a real invest. It's circulation is perfect, 90 is in not a lot of wind shear, 90 is very dense, and actually spinning at 30 mph, if not, more than that wind speed. I can't wait until this storm becomes Arthur. That would give me a reason t otype about Alma. The remnants from Alma actually formed a storm! From the Eastern Pacific ocean to the North Carribean, this storm is really investing, and by investing, I mean forming. Invest 90 is thriving in existence and will form Arthur by tomorrow unless landfall which will disrupt 90 so that Arthur would form, in the Gulf of Mexico, and not the Northern Carribean. If 90 is slowmoving enough, 90 will become Tropical Depression One, but wil get torn apart by the wind shear that will eventually cause 90 to weaken, I typed eventually because there will be slow wind shear, the kind that takes its toll overtime so the tropical storm or hurricane has a few days to live.
If Arthur is to form, Arthur will most likely form in the Gulf of Mexico, where there isn't a lot of wind shear compared to the Carribean, and also in aadittion with that, the waters are very warm. Waters are also warm in the Carribean, in fact, the waters are warm enough in the Carribean sea to support hurricanes all year long. But despite the warm waters, there is often alot of wind shear, which seasonally comes every off season. The gulf of mexico usually has cold waters in its north, warm in the south, but has relativaley no wind shear May 1st through December 10th.
I recommend that people in belize evacuate, the storm is about to landfall on you guys.

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