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Saturday, June 14, 2008

I'm back, and didn't miss anything.

The tropics have been relativaley quiet during my vacation to new york. I'm suprised I didn't miss any tropical activity, but I've been a viewer of the Weather channel and found but a single spinning subtropical wave that impacted Florida in Miamidade county, which didn't have a chance to see the vast North Atlantic ocean, even though the eastern seaboard was containing warm water and little shearing winds to completely masticate the storm.

Anyway, here's a live picture of the atlantic. There are but at least three waves. One wave is out into the central Atlantic, another near the Cape Verde islands, and the last one is making heavy rains to Puertoricco, The Dominican Republic, and Haiti. Only one of these waves are expected to strengthen into an invest and possibly a tropical depression one.(Arthur went from invest 90L straight to tropical storm strengh, without being a tropical depression.)

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