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Monday, June 2, 2008

The tropics in the atlantic are not as quiet as it used to be, when it was off season. I got a water vapor image from noaa, showing arthur's remnants and the rest of the west Atlantic ocean. I have noticed Arthur has completeley dissipated over the yucatan peninsula. the remnants of Arthur happened to form another storm, named 91L, which got it's name because of 90L already happening. But, eventually, an invest will have the number 90 again.

Anyway, 90L is expected to move northward into the gulf of Mexico. This storm is likely to form Bertha, the next storm "up for the bat." This Invest is already at 30 miles per hour, which depression strength is 30mph to 38 mph. But some meteorologist such as myself say it is easy to keep the storm's wind speed, or any other storm for that matter when the windspeed is rounded to the nearest 5 mph. It barely makes a difference, and it's like halfs, you know, the kind of stuff you learn in first grade. However, some meteorologists go with the real wind speed to avoid confusion.

This invest will continue to move northward, and cross Mexico, to become tropical depression two, and eventually, due to the warm water, Bertha. But for now, you mexicans better prepare for this storm coming. I hope you are, you better be, hurricane season is now. To those of you mexican people who don't know english, (HURACAN is spanish,) please translate it. you can find out easily how to translate on

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