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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Bertha strengthens

Bertha jumped: 1 to 3 to 2 to 1 to 2.

It will strengthen, and since it has passed through the jet stream, it will recurve towards North Carolina. It already started :-(.

Even though it has It's strength as a category 2, that doesn't mean it will stay like that. Bertha will strengthen.

:-( :-(

Look on the brightside! This storm is not going to have a big chance to have landfall. That's because the jet stream is inland. However, it is moving up.

Fortunatley, the jet stream is moving very slowly! That is the good news. now let's look how it did in dry air.

Look at Bertha now! Even though it's still in dry air, Hurricane Bertha is still going strong in the Atlantic. As you can see in the picture, if Bertha does make a sharp recurve to the west, then it will encounter an atmospheric eddy of which is between Florida and Bertha. The bad part about that; If it does do that, then there's a good chance there will be no update for anytime next week, as the power would go out. However that probably won't happen. Ya see, the eddy is moving upward slowly toward North Carolina! And so is Bertha!
Waha is setting advisories on Hurricane Bertha for the North Carolinian coast. Bertha might transform into a weak category four hurricane or a strong category three hurricane 12 hrs before landfall.
That is our advisory on Hurricane Bertha. We will keep you online. another update is after eleven o clock. Stay tuned!
Oh yeah, and by the way, that front that was near Bertha, hasn't done damage at all. In fact, I think that cold front connected to the low pressure system actually helped Bertha strengthen by giving it tropical moisture to help Bertha go through that inferno of dry air.

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