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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Bertha is now at 120 mph

Major hurricane Bertha is now blowing at top speeds of 120 mph. This major hurricane is probably not affecting landfall anytime soon. But as it goes up into less wind shear, Bertha will possibly grow to the larger side of the scale, causing Bertha to affect land areas, but since a front is going off of the USA, there's more chance of winning the lottery. The incoming low pressure system will probably be a match for Bertha, as Bertha's pressure is going up. That will probably throw some meteorologists offguard, but I will keep you started. There's gonna be a battle, if that's what the low pressure system wants! It's Bertha versus Low.
Who will win? Who will be sent down the river? If Bertha wins, will it still be Extratropical? If Low wins, will there be another perfect storm? will they both loose, and become one big spin? Tungsten? Why did I ask the question about Tungsten?
Find out, by reading my blog as Waha tracks these two storms. I'll make the updates on these storms, for you to read so that you're out of harm's way!

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