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Friday, July 11, 2008

Bertha slowly moves closer to Bermuda

Now that Hurricane Bertha has it's eyewall replacement cycle finished, it can strengthen again. By the way, sorry for the long update wait.
One more thing, a front is coming towards Bertha, so don't worry about Bertha affecting any land areas with storms if you live on the east coast. If you live in bermuda, however, Waha is issuing a Hurricane Bertha watch for your area, until twelve hours later, when the watch will turn into a warning.
Also, this is seriously bad for Bermuda since it is a small island. Hurricanes don't usually strengthen over small islands. Anyway, the front that is coming will turn Hurricane Bertha into what I call an "Emmi Eyed" hurricane.
Emmi eyed hurricanes often have a large eye with the radius of the eye being 100 mi. or more, which is like a subtropical storm. They move northeast or hardly any movement at all. An Emmi eyed storm also dissipates in about a day or two, or lose their Emmi characteristics. They have a big, thick line of clouds to the north or south depending on the hemisphere that they're in. Those types of storms tend to loose their south side if they're in the North hemisphere. As for the south hemisphere, it's the other way around.
One example of an Emmi eyed storm would be Hurricane Wilma, after it took landfall in the Yucatan peninsula. Wilma still ad it's Emmi eye when it landfell in Florida. Now, you may think there are a lot of these Emmi eyed storms. You're wrong. I've only ever seen Four; Wilma, Ioke, and Soulik. I didn't include the last one, but that one will be the Hurricane of the week.

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