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Monday, June 8, 2009

Wave expected to not develop

Cbs 8, the wave least expected to develop has good inflow, good outflow, and might turn into TD two, and may be Ana in the next 72 hours. The reason it won't turn into TD one then Ana, is because TD one already happened, but this is a rare phenomeon to have a tropical depression be the first one in the season, and yet it didn't turn into the "A" storm. Has that ever happened in the past in the atlantic? It happened in the pacific, with Tropical depression Agaton 2006, but that was an A storm to the Phillipines. Please post a comment about any of those storms.
I expect it not to develop, but that's just an expectation. The reason for not expecting it to develop is the wind shear, and the low vorticity of this storm.
And one more thing, when a hurricane comes up, I'm going to work so hard for Waha. I'll update this site six times every hurricane day until late August, but then I'll work nighttime.

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