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Monday, June 22, 2009

Cbs 11 forms, African dust storm

That time of year is back; summer. For most kids, it is like a dream, but for meteorologists, it is the beginning of a nightmare. Storms start to brew, and there's a chance of people getting killed by hurricanes.
That won't stop us (even though cbs 11 has now formed. Because of land breezes during the night, the southern gulf of mexico has gone from quiet, to containing a system that looks like it's already a hurricane in just three hours. Even though, it still is not forecast to strengthen. There is a lot of wind shear. Right now, there is only an 11% chance it will develop into a depression, of that, 60% chance of Ana from this, and virtually no chance of a hurricane.
Cbs 10 is still brewing, though. However, it will have some time to dissipate.
Now, for the report on this dust storm. It's huge, and it will probably travel into spain.

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