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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

98L grows organize, 97L starts to die

If you go to the noaa website, you'll notice there is 97, and 98. 98 is becoming more convective, and I'd say something is trying to form in 98. I'd give a 55% chance of something forming. As for 97, there's only a 25% chance ofr something forming there.

Forecasting news:

Noaa has been actually failing to pay very much attention to the atlantic. Case in point: Should-be-TD One.

For instance, shbtd one had a closed center of circulation, outstanding convection, was warm core, and most importantly, had winds of 35-40 mph, depr. strength-storm strength winds. In addittion to that, 97 had actually 50% chance of forming when it was declared, but Noaa declared that it would actually have no more than 29% chance of forming.

Also, Waha has changed it's name again to Weather in Atlantic Hurricane Association, since the A for Authority made no sense at all.

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