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Sunday, July 12, 2009

nothing in the atlantic, but...

I really want to tell you about tele-existence. Before you get too bored and run away to a new site, i'll tell you that tele-existence is when someone can move a robot with their own movements, and yet that person feels like he/she is the robot. Mind controlled robots can go out of control with one little thought, making them harder to handle. With a tele-existence robot, dangerous tasks like space travel, protecting the city from criminals, or climbing trees cam be done without harm. This would also be good for putting micro-sized objects together, or using a micro-sized tele-existence robot investigate harmful bacteria such as swine-flu. I've been looking forever for anything on tele-existence that didn't require me to read a book. Only three websites took me to where I wanted, which, in my opinion is not enough of them. Only one showed an image of a tele-existence. In the next update I'll show you that image. It was only for the right arm and hand, but that is truly amazing enough to be encouraged to build something like that. Even before I saw that image, I really wanted to build something like that called the RY (robo you). So before I saw the image I thought it could be built by 2015, but because of that image, we might have the technology to build that by 2010! However, my plan was only to have tele-existence to areas above the waist, because if you have to use your legs, that gives an extremely small area for the RY to go because you might run into a wall, then the robot stops as well, you also might lose your balance. So to solve that problem, in the blueprint I plan to put wheels on to the RY, so that you can sit down, and moving your foot back and forth, or side to side, you can control the RY's movement. That way, there's a lot less chance of balance loss of the RY, and no chance of you stopping because interference in your enviornment amd the robot stopping as well when you do not want to do that.
But there's a problem with this. For example when you move your arms up, and there's no ceiling in your enviornment, and yet there is in the RY's enviornment, directly above, then if the arms of the RY touch the ceiling, and you keep moving your arms up, it could recalibrate itself. One possible solution to this would be putting motion sensors on the person moving the RY and the RY so that, in the situation I was typing about in the previous sentence, it can notice when the RY is recalibrating itself, then sends a signal the user to vibrate his legs so that person knows he/she is recalibrating the robot. That way he can know about this recalibration, and then move to another area so that the RY can calibrate itself back to it's origional calibration setting, or, so speaking, tha correct calibration.
If you already know about stuff like this, and would like to show me something that has to do with tele-existence, then show me your blog URL, and post something like the RY concept, because I would really like to see some more bots of tele-existence than just one. Seriously, this annoys me. Also, only post images about it, and if you do use video, don't use youtube, vimeo, newgrounds, or bing. I recommend to you that you use metacafe, if you can. But the whole general point is, please show me something just like the RY (hint: it's about tele-existence).

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