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Sunday, March 7, 2010

90X is weakening

I really think this storm is weakening. Sometime ago I found the center of circulation offset from the Invest. There is still some chance of development, but not that much. At best, it becomes a subtropical storm. As for the rest of the storm, it doesn't look like conditions are favorable but I suggested that there might be another center of circulation...okay I just looked at Ascat and as it turns out, there is. It's near 22 south 36 west, and it's not completely closed but it is getting there. It has maximum winds of 25 knots, and although under a moist enviornment with very warm waters, the wind shear is just too much for development. I'd take my guess back about the "Abrew" thing. I don't think there will be that much development. I will look at it by morning, but I'm sure there's just nothing to look at. Invest 90X is no longer,...but I'll update tomorrow just in case.

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