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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Abrew made the transition

to a tropical cyclone this morning, and did it in bold style. This Ascat image (click to enlarge) reveals that the winds from Abrew are now closed completely, and the wind speed is still 45 mph. It is now moving away from Brazil, and from warm waters, so Abrew isn't going to be much longer.

Here's an update; NOAA has just named this storm 2 days ago as Tropical Storm 90SL. They've come up with their own naming scheme; to name the storm after the invest prior to the storm, and then remove the Q prefix (I thought it was X.) and put on SL at the back. That's strange...

Abrew set a record by the way... the first storm to have an invest prior to it with a Q, for the South Atlantic, because Q is a letter we don't usually use, as the South atlantic does not usually make tropical storms. It makes sense.

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