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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Alex has formed

Yes, Tropical storm Alex has formed in the north Caribbean sea, but a lot of websites say that the storm will travel northward enough to screw up the oil spill even more. I respectively disagree, as my forecast shows Alex slapping the yucatan peninsula as a tropical depression, and then instead of traveling nor'northwestward, taking a more westerly path, hitting either North Rio Grande or Southern Texas. (Rio grande is a state in mexico, F.Y.I.) I do not have pictures yet, but in an hour or two I'll give a more accurate forecast of where the storm is going to go. After all, I have changed my method of storm tracking. My method of seeing where storms will curve is based on looking at the directions of the winds of which the storm is already going towards. Then I'll see based on the winds around it whether or not those winds are go for change. After all, wind direction doesn't keep doing what it does forever, it eventually changes.

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