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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Alex is now a hurricane-I post 15 hours later

Does 15 hours count as a little after? I wanted to wait until Alex was a hurricane, but never figured I'd fall asleep before the 11:00 update. I figured that just in case that happened which it did, I would set my alarm clock to 5:45 to wake me up...the next didn't work, because it somehow got unpluged from the wall!!! So here I am, typing at 8:06 pm, I just got up...don't you dare talk to me until my second cup of coffee!

As for Alex, it is now looking strong, and it's speed...compared to how Alex LOOKS right now, it's speed is a puny 80 mph. But I hardly ever look at the pressure...maybe that will improve my forecast, even though I knew it would come just south of the Texas border.

I will send further updates at 11 o'clock in the morning, not just after that.

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