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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Alex predictions. And one other thing...

Click on the image to see where the numbers are.
As you can see here, Tropical storm Alex has formed, with current winds of 45 mph...
Aaaugh! Fail! It should say Alex is moving westnorthwest! I should edit that...nah. Too late.
So as you can see in the picture from Google Earth (doctored to see why I made the predictions) you can see arrows. The blue arrow shows that there will be some wind shear over the system after it transitioned into the Gulf of Mexico. This should cause Alex to only strengthen to 60 miles per hour. It might become a little stronger at 65 mph. The yellow arrows show how the lower level winds might merge a little where Tropical storm Alex is going. But I may have miscalculated the points in terms of speed, shown by the red arrows.
The twelve hour mark, which is in between point "s" and point "1," is the predicted point where Alex landfalls as a tropical depression. At 36 hours, in between point 1 and 2, Alex has crossed the Yucatan by now, and restrengthened to a tropical storm again. Alex's strongest point is at or just after point 2, 48 hours. By the time Alex reaches point 3, it has weakened to a tropical depression, and then the forecast stops.
As for the oil spill in the North Gulf of Mexico, many forecasters believe that Alex will screw up the oil by miles, causing countrywide damage. But Alex isn't going anywhere near that. says that the storm will reach hurricane status, but there's too much windshear. But Rio Grande still has to take cover, so too the Yucatan Peninsula and the south tip of Texas. Tropical storms can still do extensive damage.

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