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Saturday, September 6, 2008

Extra sorry!

You may have heard that Waha has shut down for months because we moved. Whille I quitted, nothing stopped me from posting, and soon I thought, "What the crap am I doing?"

That made me loose so many vievs that there's a good chance you're the only one reading this entry right now, and I felt sad that all those people died because of all these storms coming.

But that was only the beginning. There are so many storms in the atlantic in September and October that Waha deleted the post saying I quit, and now I'm back and Better than ever. Now that I have my own laptop that runs so fast even with Trackmania on it (no offense, in fact that's my favourite computer game).

I'm warned about What's to come in the Atlantic. In fact, I'm so worried, That I'm now doing a 7 oclock advisory, a noon advisory(only shown on saturday), a 5 oclock advisory, and a 9 oclock advisory. Sometimes I'll do more than that.

Anyway, Ike is charging through the atlantic ocean to the WSW at a blistering pace.

Hanna, in he meantime, has finished landfall. Hanna won't do anything more serious as it weakens rapidly. However, Ike is forecast to do Quite a bit of damage over the next couple of days, but as it does so, it will weaken sharply down to a category two hurricane, but as it moves out of that area, Ike will strengthen a humongus amount; a category four hurricane (again).

Anyway, as it moves through the gulf of Mexico, it will encounter an incoming front off the coast of the Florida panhandle, that is slowly moving east. That will hopefully not, but forecast to do so anyway, make a direct hit into Tampa, Florida. That did happen with Tampa only once, the city has been pretty lucky over the past double century. Anyway, as Ike will continue to move over land and either weaken or strengthen, I don't know, I did see a hurricane strengthen over the florida peninsula. That happened in 2005 when Wilma absoluley turned Naples, Florida, into bomb remnants. I feel so sad for those victims.

As Ike becomes Extratropical, it won't do any damage, period, to any other land areas. Maybe Bermuda, but not that much. That's all I have for today. Oh yeah, one more thing, on the map every dot is six hours apart.

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