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Sunday, September 7, 2008

Ike almost at landfall

Major Hurricane ike is starting to take landfall into cuba, with winds up to 120 mph. After about 36 hours over land, Ike is absolutley to loose strength by a mile. After being bullied down to a weak hurricane or a strong tropical storm, Ike will strengthen to a strong cat. 3 or a weak cat 4.
Then, Ike will take landfall into Mississippi as a cat. 2. Well, just because I say it will hit into Mississippi doesn.t nessecarilly mean that only mississippians should leave. In fact, if Ike landfalls into Mississippi, most of the wind will go into Alabama because the winds of a hurricane always goes fastest 90 degrees clockwise of the direction of travel. However, Ike possibly won't do that, but I know it will landfall into that area as a category 2, no higher and no lower.

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