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Sunday, September 7, 2008

Ike continues on; Josephine strengthening

As Ike rools to the island of Cuba,
it will weaken a bunch of strength. But I don't think Ike will go into Tampa anymore. Now, I think Ike is going to landfall into the Talahassee area, with winds of up to 150 mph. Then, Ike will go into the midatlantic reigon of the united states as it dissipates.
As with Josephine, that storm is not gonna strengthen that much higher, as it ttrevels in high windshear. Tropical depression Josephine is still a depression, but about 3 days, 4 days top, from now, Josephine will strengthen to a tropical storm. The picture shows the five day forecast, you can look at that for more info. You can also get reliable forecasts at

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