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Sunday, September 7, 2008

Ike has weakened

Ike has weakened a little bit, and will continue to weaken today. As Ike is still raging towards Cuba, it's already starting to take an impact on land. Today, Ike has already took a direct hit into one of the Bahama islands. In nine hours or so, Ike will be over land in Cuba. That will stay there over cuba until 36 hours from landfall when Ike heads off into the Gulf of Mexico, and then strengthen from a category one hurricane to a category four hurricane. It will not strengthen over that category, because of the windshear building up in one spot of the Gulf o' Mexico. I predict this storm will take landfall into Mississippi, as a category two, actualy, who knows? I just know it will take landfall as a category two. For more imfromation on the maps, just see last prediction.

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