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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Major huricane now

Hurricane Bill is no more; hello Major hurricane Bill. This major hurricane still has Bermuda in it's crosshairs. I repeat, Bermuda has a Hurricane advisory. You might want to plan where you evacuate; and fast if you haven't even started yet. Make sure you have 3 days or more of inperishable food and water. Also, if you are in the storm, and a person just happens to go through the window (from the other half, this only happens if the eye is over it and it moves away suddenly and gets caught in the wind), and has no pulse, it is possible to save that person with a defibrillator. Keep away from windows, because a window that is not covered by wood is asking for pricey fixes, and instant death.
Now that this is a Major hurricane, I think a lot of Bermudans have no choice, but to evacuate, or ride out the storm. I'd perfer evacuate, because this will be a cat. 4 hurricane hitting Bermuda. Be warned.

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