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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Remnants of TD2 become Ana

The storms above: one tropical storm, and one invest (with the big L on it). Other people we're caught off guard with the center of the storm. But our motto is: we never stop tracking it until it is officially dead and gone! Possibly by the end of tomorrow, I can be allowed back on Youtube, enabling me to make forecasts there, too. Tracking this storm was tough when it was a remnant low, in fact, some points I am not even sure that they are correct. But it will have to do, besides, that storm could have had a "face storm" when a storm has two eyes instead of a cyclops storm, which is common in storms and has one eye. Anyway, the wave behind it might have a chance of hitting FL, I am nervous because I LIVE in florida (though I am not giving my name away, that will stay anonymous)! That might mean no more blog.
Well, I'll check in with these storms a little later in the morning toay.

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