Do you think the oil spill in the gulf will kill...

Sunday, August 16, 2009


Yes, the impossible happened; three storms at once, one of which is ANA! Well, I guess I said Ana first, so I'll tell you that in the next six days, it will likely take landfall in Florida as a tropical storm. But first, within the next 48 hrs, the upper lesser antillies will get battered a ton. But that will possibly only be a warm up call, because Bill will likely turn into a dangerous Cat. 2 hurricane. After that, Jacksonville's people need to evacuate a cat.3 storm. I am no extremely good expert, but, I'd say Jacksonville will be half leveled within ten days. And Four, it is likely to turn Claudette (I can't believe that's true, $%@# it). It will probably do minor amage, but might loop so be warned.

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